Pin Conflict in Stacked Shields

I am stacking some shields to build up my dev kit as follows
------------------------ Mikroe Click Shield for Pi 3
------------------------ SixFab LTE Base Shield v2*
------------------------ SixFab Power Management UPS Hat
------------------------ Raspberry Pi 3

I want to add the Mikroe Click Shield as it lets me, very quickly, add extra functionality to the Pi from a massive number of pre-made boards - my initial use case is to add a Max232 based click board. (The Mikroe Click shield has two sets of headers for attaching up to two click boards)

The SixFab boards work great! but when I map the pins all the way up the stack, i get 3 conflicts!

GPIO6 : is RI on the LTE shield, but is INT1 on the Click Shield (which for the RS232 board is attached to CTS)
GPIO26 : is PERST on the LTE shield, but is INT2 and again would be mapped to CTS on the RS-232 Click (on the second MikroBus header)
GPIO13 : is DTR on the LTE shield, but is an analog pin on the Mikrobus header

given that stack of boards, im impressed i only hit 3 conflicts! I have been racking my brains on how to resolve this - if its possible at all. the INT -> PERST is one that could cause quite a bit of hassle i should imagine!

One way i can think to solve it is to cut the traces; but that seems extreme! About the only thing I can think of is a custom Click Shield where the pins are shifted (I have GPIOs 23,24, 25,16,20,21,22 and 27 all free)

If it helps, I am ok with not having RI, DTR and PERST (hence cutting the traces is an option)

(note: yes I could make my own boards with MAX232’s etc; but when the boards already exist and i can save some time by buying a pre-made one that seems a better option)