Pi zero W + usb hub + sixfab iot hat?

I have a Raspberry Pi Zero W, everything is working fine with the modem connected to the pi through the two usb ports with a hub in the middle. Is it possible to connect a cable to the hub and ALSO use ssh over usb? I know we have to disable ssh over serial for the modem to work. But is there a way to enable it on the hub?

We haven’t tried this particular scenario.

Cannot comment without testing it.


Is it possible to run a Pi Zero W + Sixfab IOT hat without a powered USB hub in the middle?


Hi @dustin.mommen ,

Which HAT do you mean?

This one:

Raspberry Pi 4G/LTE Cellular Modem Kit - Telit LE910C4-NF (North America)

It is not possible to run it without a USB.

You don’t need a powered USB hub. But you need the usb cable plugged into the pi and the hat.

The biggest problem I’ve had with this combo is that I went with the pi zero for the smaller power consumption and at the end, adding the iot hat ends up drawing too much current for a remote battery solar powered camera.

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So two USB power sources?

What is the next lowest power Pi option after the Zero, based on one USB power source?