Pi compute module 4 compatibility

Hi, is the power hat compatible with the compute module 4 with raspberries own i/o carrier board? Similarly I’m interested in other base/carrier boards with the standard 40 pin setup.

Said another way, is the hat compatible with any Pi based 40 pin boards? We’d like to put this inside an industrial gateway that is based on the compute module 3, but will be upgrading to the 4 soon.

Hi @barryjump ,

Yes, it is compatible with boards that have standard 40 pin GPIO headers.
Also, if you want to control the HAT with the Python API, you need to configure I2C on the Raspberry Pi.

Excellent news thank you.

@ensar Just wanted to confirm again - this would be compatible with something like the Balena Fin?

It is powered by the Pi Compute Module 3 and has the standard 40 pin header.

Yes, it is compatible with balenaFin. Please note that power software only supports Raspberry Pi OS.

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Excellent thanks. Good news, I managed to get the python API working already like a charm within a container inside the BalenaOS. This is going to be very useful thank you.

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I take that back, only challenge was getting the temp sensors to work - sixfab input, system and battery temps don’t like Balena for some reason. Otherwise perfect.