Pi 4B Sixfab HAT EC25 with Ubuntu 20

I want to use QMI but not connect the HAT via USB back to the Pi,
i.e. I do not want to use the USB driver to communicate with Cell or GPS.

Can this be done?

If this cannot be done, what is the point of the HAT?

The QMI works over the /dev/cdc-wdmX which is exposed over the USB only.

Thank you for the speedy response.

Please add an image of a Pi in case (with the custom hole in the case for Sixfab USB port) with the USB cable extending round the back so customers can see what they are getting themselves into with this solution.

Sixfab should get into Pi cases, so customers can have something that makes the USB cable internal to the case and protects that fragile antenna connector, and have a case which has holes in all the right places…