Pi 4 - EG25-G on Base Hat with Bell Canada Sim

Brand new to this. I am trying to find a guide to get an EG25-G with a Basehat up and running with a Bell (Canada) Sim… I see the setup on the SixFab site but it wants to register a SixFab sim. I see no way to proceed if not using a SixFab sim.

Any direction to some documentation, guides or videos would be appreciated.

Currently running Buster 5.10.103.

Cheers and Thanks!

Figured it out…

This worked for me , just had to work through how to use AT Commands…
Next up getting it to create data connection on boot rather then having to run the quectel-CM command.

You may write a reconnect service using systemd.

The following is from the Module OEM support forum.

If the network is disconnected, the connection can be automatically reconnected. However, if the software exits abnormally, the connection will not be automatically connected. You need to write a program to detect the exit and run it again manually.

Ref: Quectel EC25-E modemmanager/networkmanager - #4 by lyman-Q - Driver - Quectel Forums