Overcharging when device not functional

On 17:00 july 15th i was charged 17$ for supposedly using 167mb. The HAT + sim was not working whatsoever, i tried pinging and there was no internet connection. On top of this i had set the limit t be 100mb so it should have never charged that amount even if it was working. I realized the device was only appearing online in the dashboard when already connected via wifi, thus i suspect it may have been charging me for data usage that was on wifi. Even when the device appears online i would see “Cellular Connection Unavailable” on the SIM console. I would like a refund for these charges and some technical support to make the HAT function properly.


Yes, there was data usage over the limit on July 15th

The extras will be refunded.

Make sure there was no auto update or upgrade of your system during this time that has utilized the data.

The cellular will be unavailable now, as the SIM has consumed its 100MB.
You can either turn it to unlimited or wait to reset the monthly limit.

the cellular data was never working.