Open source software & docs?

Will there be any open source libraries or software documentation for the Power Hat? I’d like to read temperatures, query and set fan speed, and read battery level without using Sixfab’s cloud platform. Is this something being worked on or planed for? Thanks!


Agreed, just got the Power Hat in and would love to set it up without the cloud. Figure I tried creating an account and it didn’t let me.

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Hi @Lloyd,
Yes, it will.
Documents are being prepared. will be published on the Docs page.
You can install the Python package:
pip3 install sixfab-power-python-api



I too quite look forward to non-cloud reliant options for using this intriguing board that I received yesterday. I guess I’ll poke around with the cloud-based thing y’all have put together. But I’m already disinclined to use it with it’s obnoxiously short session timeout (forcing re-login repeatedly), and the poor performance in my main browser: Safari (the “add board” form text fields are so short as to obscure any suggested entry or whatever I happen to type in).

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We have released the Python API. :tada:
Please see for more details:

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