Open port on Quectel EC25


I have a EC25 that I use.
It works fine to connect to the internet, but I would like to open a port so I could connect to the pi with ssh for example on port 22. But all ports are blocked by default.

I have searched on forums and googled but basically the only info I have found about doing it is this PDF .
When I use the AT commands AT+QFWDSERVER=? and AT+QFWDSERVER? it works as expected. But when I try to use the write command following the examples on pages 6 and 16
AT+QFWDSERVER=1,“uninet”,“ipv4”,“tcp”,22,5(changed a few parameters, but the default won’t work either) I just get the response ERROR. Hard to get any further with such limited info and only response I get is ERROR whatever I try.

TLDR; I want to open a port to use for ssh. All ports are blocked by default.The AT command AT+QFWDSERVER= in the PDF just gives ERROR in return when I try to write to it.

EDIT: Forgot to mention this, but it might be important, I’m trying this on serial port ttyUSB2 with minicom.