Not connected to MQTT broker. ignoring monitoring thread

This has been working fine for the last few days. Then last night it went offline. In agent-logs all i see is “Not connected to MQTT broker. Ignoring monitoring thread. Retrying in 10 secs”

Not sure what else to look up. Using sixfab core with sixfab sim. Everything is from sixfab.


Can you restart your service with the sudo systemctl restart core_agent.service command and check again?

Hi, that didn’t work.

I notice now in dmesg, it shows it connecting and disconnecting by itself every 5 mins or so. In an infinite loop. usb0 comes and goes from ifconfig. This is the 2nd one that went into an infinite loop and basically died. It was just sitting in the same spot when it died at midnight. No one was near it.

I’ve tried hooking it up to a new pi. It still does that. Also why does the Core software kill off my wlan0? Once installed not even wlan0 can connect anymore. It says temporary failure in name resolution when I ping It also says network unreachable when i try to ping My wifi is now dead. The hat is disconnected, the pi has been rebooted, and my wlan0 can get an IP address from the router but can’t get any internet. How do I uninstall the software?

The MQTT broker has no systemic issues; everything is operational. The problem seems related to the connection on your device. It’s necessary to examine the logs of the Agent & Manager.

CORE doesn’t kill wlan0; perhaps you encountered it when applying/changing the interface priority configuration. What operating system are you using, and did you encounter any errors during installation? To uninstall CORE, run the following command:

sudo bash -c "$(curl -sN" -- --uninstall

How do I make it stop connecting and disconnecting itself in dmesg? I see there is a lot of posts about that. Is it dead?

It should not appear after rebooting. You can check the status of services with systemctl.