NOOB: Can the EG25-G module be used in the US?

I’ve got deep experience in modem-type dialup, which is why I got pulled into a puzzle. Trying to upgrade a FoxBox LX800 from 3G to 4G LTE for SMS and data. Hardware is a PC Engines ALIX 6 with a Huawei MU709S-2. My digging has found a couple positive references for the EG25-A, but it’s out of stock. Should I wait for stock, or can someone please tell me if an EG25-G be used with ATT, Verizon, etc. in the US?

I expect I’ll need to read up on the AT commands (once I choose a module). I’m hoping that the Voyage Linux will recognize the card, and I’ll need to get a SIM card for service. I think I’ll be shooting for QMI mode.

Thanks to the community for the many posts here about the Quectel and Telit modules. The answers have been helpful, and even the unanswered questions let me know where I should be cautious. :slightly_smiling_face:

Hello @zonker

I just have compared the pinout of both the Huawei and Quectel modules and the minimum required pins are similar hence, er can say you can replace it with Quectel EG25G.

Quectel used to have region-based variants for LTE CAT 4, among them EC25-A was for North America. Later they introduced and maintained the EG25-G global version which is a replacement for all the previous variants. Hence you should proceed with EG25G. When it comes to the operators, it should work fine with ATT and T-Mobile. We cannot claim compatibility with Verizon as they have some hectic registration processes at every step.

Yes, you can use QMI with Linux. You may also like to go through the Linux user guide provided by the Module OEM.

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Another good resource would be the Quectels Support Forum where you may also find answers to some questions.

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