No USB connection needed?

Hi there - I want to build a field appliance which can send text (SMS) messages and read the current GPS coordinates with a Raspberry Pi 3B+. Optionally, low bandwidth internet access would be great too. Requirements are 4G (and 3G/2G). Which hat / gsm modem combination should I use, if I would like to avoid attaching the hat via USB as well?
Thanks for your help guys, cheers, Chris.

Hi @christian.banhans,

The HAT has only one UART as a result, simultaneous usage of the internet, SMS and GNSS/GPS is not possible, Only one function can be used once at a time.

Hi @ensar - thank you for your help! That would be ok… So for example, the Pi could set up an internet connection, download instructions, stop the internet, acquire GPS position, stop GPS and send a text out. Repeat.
Which hat could I use for that and are there Howtos for the UART interface?
Cheers, Chris.

You will need Raspberry Pi 4G/LTE Cellular Modem Kit with Quectel EG25G module.

Tutorials and all information are on the documentation page: