No Stat Light At All

I ordered the Raspberry Pi Cellular IoT Kit (LTE-M) and cannot get the Telit ME910C1-WW to connect to anything. I have a Sixfab sim and am using the Sixfab Core way of establishing connection. Sim is activated, antenna plugged in, firmware updated, etc.

What’s interesting is I actually ordered two of these kits along with an additional Telit LE910C4. When I plugged in the Telit LE910C4 (to a different Pi and a different Base HAT), I got a blinking STAT light and with the install instructions, was connected to the internet fairly quickly. With the ME910C1-WW, I’m not even getting a blinking blue STAT light to let me know it’s searching for a network (I do get a PWR light on though). I’ve tried both my ME910C1-WW cards and get the same results.

Maybe it’s an issue with the Sixfab Base HAT? I could try replacing my LE910C4 with an ME910C1-WW on the HAT I know is working and see if that solves it - just a bit of work to do the switch with the way I have things set up so wanted to ask before I went that route.

I went through the whole install process again (firmware, Sixfab Core, etc.) and tried to ping something and I got some data back. Still no STAT light to hint that it’s doing anything but it appears to be working now. I think I’m in a really bad connectivity spot so that might not help - upgrading antenna tomorrow to see if that solves some problems. Thanks.

I’m having poor results with Telit ME910C1 also, but don’t have another to compare, so I’m following your progress with interest. With your LE910C4 setup, are you using the same Pulse Electronics W3906XXXX antenna that came with the IoT kit?

CAT 4 is heavily available network hence it is expected to get connected way faster than any other network.

Regarding the Stat Light, You can check section 3.8.3, 3.8.5, and 3.8.6 from the AT command Guide, the Status LED is off by default.

In brief, you will need to run the following AT commands to turn it on:

  • AT#GPIO=1,0,2
  • AT#SLED=2

The Status LED is set to mode 2 here which can be defined as the following.
not registered: always ON
registered in idle: blinking 1 s ON and 2 s OFF
registered in idle with power saving: blinking time depends on network condition to minimize power consumption