No satellite data available

Hi guys,

I have been trying to obtain GPS data from the sixfab base HAT module. I tried out this tutorial. I am getting the following error.

I am just starting out on using this module. Do we need sim card to obtain GPS data? I have not installed sim yet. I just connected the module and followed the tutorial right away.

My apologies if it’s a dumb question.
Thanks in advance.


Hi Saman,

No, you don’t need a SIM card to obtain GPS data.

Did you connect the GPS Antenna? Please make sure you are connecting GPS antenna in the correct slot. Please pay attention to that the GPS antenna should placed at half-open sky or open-sky environment. We recommend to test it under the open sky. How long did you test it?

Yes, I have the antenna attached properly.

It is in quite an open place. I tested it for more than 5 minutes. I get the same result.

Is there anything I need to do before following this tutorial ?


It’s enough to just set up the hardware.

Is there any way to configure it such that it uses assisted-GPS to get faster results?