No DNS Server setting applied using ECM mode


I recently started to use the Sixfab LTE hat in ECM for my Raspberry PI and realised that I am not receiving the DNS Server address via DHCP, consequently no name resolution is possible via the Raspberry PI. My use case relies on the LTE modem for all connectivity.

If I add the default gateway ( to resolv.conf name resolution starts to work as expected, that setting is lost after reboot. I am running Debian 10.8 with a Raspberry PI 3 A+.

How can I apply the DNS server statically upon boot? or is there something missing in the ECM config that enables this setting?




Are you using Sixfab Core?
If yes, please share the following logs:

  • core_manager and core_agent services
  • /home/sixfab/.core/logs/agent-log
  • /home/sixfab/.core/logs/cm-log

If no, please go through the troubleshooting guide and share the results with us.

Hi Saeed,

I will dig them out a little later, I believe the behavior is related to the Wireless Access Point mode (for troubleshooting) that the Pi enables if it is unable to connect to the configured SSID. In this mode /etc/resolv.conf is populated with loopback address

In my scenario the Pi won’t have access to that WiFi network and instead use the Sixfab as its main internet connection.

I see two possible solutions:

  1. Somehow disable the WAP mode? Less preferred since that will be helpful for troubleshooting in the field.
  2. Somehow populate /etc/resolv.conf with persistent name server values?

By the way, what is the power consumption of the Quetcel Hat?