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when installed on ubuntu, it created a Sixfab account on my desktop.when i try to use the cellular, it does not give me the option. Is there a way for me to remove it from my device list and set it up as a new one?

Hello @emthinkingfar,

Thank you for reaching out.

To remove the CORE from your device, run the following command
sudo bash -c "$(curl -sN" -- --uninstall

How do i remove the device from my dashboard?

It cannot be deleted from the dashboard.
Why do you want to delete it from the dashboard?

i want to register it as a new device
do i have to have a new sim for that?

As long as the setup remains the same you don’t need to delete the device.
Go to CORE > Devices > View Device, under DEVICE MAINTENANCE you can find the installation code.

What if I have had to run a new OS, would I need a different SIM?

Supported OS for Raspberry Pi are:

  • Raspberry Pi OS 10(Buster) or newer
  • Ubuntu Server 20.04.3 or higher

For both the installation code is similar, i.e,

sudo bash -c "$(curl -sN" -- -t YOUR_TOKEN

There is no need for a different SIM.

am on the newest version of ubuntu. it now recognizes that it has 4g capability, however it isn’t getting any signal or connecting to the service.