No cellular connection after install

I installed sixfab aspberry Pi 3G/4G&LTE Base Hat with Telit LE910CX-Series LE910C4-NF.on a clean Rasperry 3B+ running a freshly installed Debian Bullseye image.
Installation went through with no errors, SIM card has been activated, but I get no cellular connection.
The red and blue LED are on solid.
I can access the module with the minicom terminal, however none of the commands except AT#REBOOT do work and return an error.
The wwan0 interface is listed as up in ifconfig. Also the Telit module appears under lsusb.
SIM card is active in the sixfab connect portal
Under Devices, the Telit module is listed.
And yes, the USB cable is correctly applied.
What can I do here?

Looks like I could resolve it myself. Issue was that I had set a monthly data limit to 100MB. Once I set that to unlimited, the wwan0 cellular connection was ere-established. For now it is working :slight_smile: