New to Sixfab Connect SIM Card & Raspberry Pi. Need Help!

Hi guys, i just got my Raspberry Pi Cellular IoT Kit which comes with Sixfab SIM card. I have physically installed each components and also activated the SIM card. However, i do not know what is the next step in order to use the SIM card as my primary way of getting internet (wwan0). Anybody know where can i get more info of activating the SIM to be use as internet for my raspberry pi 4b?

Hi @ilyasgotactive ,

As there are similar steps, you can follow Cellular Modem Kit - Getting Started for now.

After successfully completing all Installation, you can prioritize wwan0 as primary way from configurations tab.

Hi ensar,

Thank you for your prompt response. Unfortunately, i still cant get my Raspberry Pi 4B to use the Sixfab SIM card internet data instead of WiFi. I have ensure prioritization to wwan0 from the Sixfab connect dashboard.

How should i continue from here?

I think you are using Telit ME910C1-WW modem having M0B.800004 firmware.
This particular firmware version has some known bugs, which may lead to connection issues. We suggest upgrading the module firmware to solve these known bugs.

The firmware you need to upgrade: Telit ME910C1-WW Firmware V.30.00.XX9 (M0B.800005)

Here is the upgrade guide: Telit Firmware Upgrade Guide