New sim not connecting to network

I just took a new sim, registered/activated it, put it in a netgear LTE modem, and after being on for over 30 minutes, still nothing. Payment method is active, credit is on the account, SIM says it’s active, but no data transfer and router shows red light. I even tried adding a data pool to see if that fixed it, but still nothing.

Hello @sam

Did you set the APN?
APN: super

We did not, but it started working anyway. How would that be? Now we have another one that is not working, but we’re not sure why the last one eventually started working on its own.

Also, where did is the documentation on APNs (specifically “super”)?

The APN details is provided in the Product Page.

Moreover you will find the APN in the Asset details.

If the question is about how to set it, it should be included in the hardware guide/documentation.