My Sims Device Beta not displaying Global or Europe

When attempting to install the core software the web interface is not displaying the option Global and Europe. I can not proceed to get the link with the devices “token”.

The SIM reports the following on the website:

DEVICE STATUS: Not Initialized

After clicking “Show Details” and then “Device (Beta)”, nothing appears.

The following link is to a screen shot of the issue.

Please advise…

Hi @infotek ,

Please refresh the page and try again.

Refreshing finally worked. I tried refreshing that page for a long time before it suddenly worked. I tried several different browsers on my computer. I also tried a few browsers on computers in other locations to troubleshoot any issue on my end. I was so surprised it worked… it led me to post this response.

Was there an issue on sixfab’s end?


Yes, unfortunately there was.