My modem went off-line 8 hours ago for no reason

Dear all,

I am using Quectel EG25-G with Sixfab SIM, and 8 hours ago my modem went off-line but I don’t know why and I don’t know how to troubleshoot this. OpenWrt is showing that I received an IP address but there is no Internet.

My Sixfab account has credit

Yesterday, I did a manual restart and the 4G started working but today a manual restart is not helping. A manual restart is a restart button on OpenWrt, I don’t think that it cycles power.

what should I do to troubleshoot this? Can anyone help me for a fee? I would pay you for your time to help to debug this?

Thank you!


Do you use Sixfab CORE on your device?
Can you send me your SIM ICCID as a PM?

Thanks for your help, we found out that although my pool is for 10GB each SIM is caped to 1GB and then that SIM reached its limits. Once we changed the data cap to 10GB the SIM started to work again.

thank you for your fast response!

Case closed.