Multiple Sim Cards?

What’s the best solution for using multiple sim cards (from different carriers)?

I’m confident I could alter the software a bit to switch between the different APNs depending on which carrier I want to use and Quectel makes a module (EC25-AF) to handle multiple carriers.

Would something like this work?

Still looking for a solution to this.

Can I stack two of the Hats? (but then I would need two Quectel modules and antennas)

Is the splitter above at all feasible?

Anyone know of a good solution to this? Is it possible to stack 2 hats?

Hi @stephen.smith,

No, this is not possible but you can stack two of the hats.

Hello, what’s the best way to stack 2 lte hats? do they share the same GPIOs?

Hi @bastianonm

Yes, they do.

Sorry, could you please elaborate?

So I can stack 2 lte hats and use both radio modules at the same time?

Yes, you can use it.