Multiple Devices on one network?


I’m trying to set up a system for mobile cameras. My first plan was to have a tablet be the main 4G device and route internet through a wifi module to the cameras but I’d lack range and loose internet on the tablet.

I want to instead have each camera have an embedded 4G module along with the tablet so they can all connect to a private server. The cameras will stream footage to the server and the tablet will review footage from the server.

Technically the tablet and cameras are supposed to work as a single unit but I can only find a way to make each their own stand alone device. I would like to have the service of the tablet and cameras act as one device in terms of data usage. Is there a way to do that?

The cameras and tablet are being made to work outside of wifi or ethernet access in remote areas. Right now I only need a solution for one tablet and one camera for prototype with the ability to add more cameras.