Monitoring connections and data usage

I use my Raspi with a Sixfab for connecting to a server which should approximately use 80 MB/month. With two devices connected to my Raspi, the usage should be around 160 MB up- and download/month. However, on the Sixfab Dashboard (and on my credit card, unfortunately) I see a much higher data usage. For this month alone, I’m already at 1332.72 MB - I will end at the tenfold of what I calculated and what would reasonable for the applications I’m running.
I have tried to find any culprit on my Raspi for this massive data usage, but haven’t found it, yet.
So what I’m looking for is a detailed log-file for the connections. Is this available? If not, I would have to install a data-sniffer.
This is crucial - we are planning to deploy in the future the software to about 2000 Raspis which will have to be connected to the internet. It may well be that I have for my testing devices the wrong data package. However, this doesn’t change the fact that the data usage is just skyrocketing.
So main questions:
a) Is there any way the traffic is monitored
b) Has anyone of you already experience with sniffers on a Raspi and could recommend one?

I’m having a similar issue but on a smaller scale. I’m doing nothing but have the connection on and I’m using around $10 of data per month. Maybe even more and it is getting shut off at the 100mb threshold. I can see spikes on random days but I don’t know what specifically is using the data. If I did further on my end and find a useful tool I will post back. It would be nice if sixfab could classify the data (ip address, etc) a bit more to pinpoint the usage.

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