Meaning of STAT LED blinking?

The documentation says:

SGNL LED: This BLUE led indicates the status of the connection. When the connection is established and data is being transmitted/received, this led will blink at special intervals. Otherwise, if there is no connection, the led will remain off.

I can’t find any further documentation anywhere else that says what the blinking means, though. I’m having trouble connecting (thread here), and my blue LED is turned on, and blinking slowly/steadily (every two-seconds, or so?). However, I’m not sure if that actually means I’m connected …

What do the various blinking patterns mean, exactly?

Here it is:

Source: EC25 Hardware Design - 3.14. Network Status Indication

Ah, so it’s specific to the device. Thank you!

so how do you monitor what is being transmitted because mine blinks constantly?