LTE speed too slow for streaming video

Hello, I’ve setup a Pixhawk drone with a Rasp PI 4 with the Raspberry Pi 4G/LTE Cellular Modem Kit.
Originally I set this up to connect a ground station to control the drone via Telemetry. This works fine, no issues.
So I starting working on streaming video as the ground station can display live video behind the HUD.

I got this working over the wlan0 (Wi-fi) with good video quality but over the wwan0 (Cellular) the connection is good but the video is not usable.

Is there a doc or a post that covers whether it’s possible, or supported, to stream video over Sixfab?
Also is there a way to monitor LTE speeds from

I’m using this operator and LTE tech:
Active LTE Technology: E-UTRAN
Roaming Operator: TELUS

Video is streamed using GStreamer plugin.


Same issue here. Did you ever get an answer?