LTE hat PPP Installer Fail "externally-managed-environment"

HELP! I’m not sure exactly where this is failing in terms of the installation. I get that I may need to run venv but I’m not sure what requirements I need to feed it. Any advice?

I’m in the process of dealing with similar issues; it is caused by pip (the python installer) having been taught that on certain operating systems (Linux, FreeBSD) system packages are managed by system installers (such as apt or pkg), and that pip should not override that. I know of two solutions: (a) Learn how to use venv, and switch all your install and use patterns to use venv. (b) Find the pip line in the install script, and add the parameter “–break-system-packages” to it. Most of the time, pip installs do not actually break anything that is already installed. Sometimes they do, then you reinstall the OS. (c) Find the file called EXTERNALLY-MANAGED in your Python libraries, and delete it.

I’m right now still using option (b), with the caveat that whenever possible I try to use the system package manager (apt, rpm, pkg …) for Python. I need to switch to option (a) as soon as possible, I would not recommend going with (b) or (c), but it saved me for a few days recently.