LTE Hat Fails To Connect After Multiple Soft Reboots

Hello! I am using the Sixfab LTE hat with a Telit modem on a device that I have deployed in the field. As part of other operations on my device, I occasionally soft reboot it. However, I’ve noticed that after a few soft reboots, the modem will not reconnect. Is there some kind of timeout that could be causing this issue? The deployments are all quite far apart so it’s important that I don’t have to go manually reboot it.


Which Telit module are you using? Which mode are you attempting to connect to the internet with? Could you provide more details about the steps you’ve taken?

Yes! I am using the Telit LE910-C4 (North America) units. To connect to the internet, I just followed the getting started guide, which works great for being able to access the remote terminal.

The issue is that if I use the remote terminal to soft reboot my device (so I run the command sudo reboot) in the remote terminal, it will sometimes fail to reconnect to the server until I actually go to the unit and hard reboot it (unplug, wait a little while, and then plug it back in again). I would love to know why this is happening and if there is a way to prevent the unit from going completely offline when I need to reboot.

Happy to provide any other information you need.

When you soft reboot your device, if your cellular interface (wwan0) is at the front of the priority list or is the only one, the CORE works in the background to establish the cellular connection. It might take a while. How long did you wait? In my test with a cellular device, after soft reboot, CORE reconnected in about 6 minutes. Due to connection checks, it’s normal for connection to take time.