Less than 1 Gbit/s bandwidth with Raspberry Pi 4 + Hat + Quectel RM502Q-AE

we are testing the Raspberry Pi 5G Development Kit in a SA 5G Network. We are seeing an upload of 120 Mbit/s (limited by the 5G network) and a download of 760 Mbit/s. We have noticed then when we overclock the CPU, higher bandwidth is possible going up to 920 Mbit/s. Connecting the HAT to a windows laptop, instead of the Raspberry Pi, we see downloads up to 1.1 Gbit/s (Limit of the 5G Network).
My questions: Have you tested the HAT+Modem as well with the Raspberry Pis and what results did you see?
We are now trying to figure out if this is a Raspberry Pi or OS problem, but it would be great to hear if anyone else has experiencied this issue, or seen higher bandwidth wie the Raspberry Pi over the Quectel Modems using the Sixfab Hat.
With kind regards!


Those test results look great!
Which country and network operators did you test with?