Just reinstalled linux and the sixfab tools and it doesn't seem to want to connect to cellular

I wasn’t sure where to post this, but I have an LE910C4-NF that has been working (powered up today and connected to cellular). I messed up the Ubuntu 22.04 system and blitzed the SD card, re-installed linux, and re-installed the sixfab agent and manager.

After the power cycle, the device shows online in the sixfab console and sixfab sw up to date, however I can’t seem to get it to connect to cellular network. Active LTE technology and Roaming operator are n/a. If I look at ifconfig -a on ubuntu I don’t see a device for cellular as I have in the past.

How do I figure out what’s broken? Can you remote connect to it to see?


P.S. This is using your pi hat.

I could have quietly deleted this, but maybe it will help someone else… Remember to install the USB cable between the rpi and hat after you re-arrange things. Seeing the interface now as well as serial ports. Pilot error. Posting another message about ping not working now.