Job Offer: Set up Base Hat LTE

Hello community,
I am super frustrated with the Basehat 4G. I tried many things and did not get it working !

I would like to offer someone a job here.
I will pay you for setting up the SIM Card with the Base Hat.
Please send me a message. I will only accept reputable users here to avoid scammers.


  1. The SIM Card works with different smartphones.
  2. Connection with Quecetel QNavigator is possible
  3. SSH connection working
  4. All AT commands working
  5. Quecetel EC25E Firmware is working#
  6. Raspi Pi 4G


  1. I can offer stable RDP / Teamviewer / etc. connection - Full Screen Sharing
  2. You can have webcam access and see the hardware working
  3. I will support of course.

Thanks !