Isolation between Main and Div Antennas


we have EC25-V Quectel mini PCIE hat for Raspberry pi from Sixfab, and we want to connect the two External Antennas to the hat for main and div, the specs are as follows,

Antenna Type: Rubber duck
Impedance: 50 Ohms

The only point to confirm is how much distance of isolation to be maintained between the main and div antennas.



According to the module OEM, “About the distance between antennas have no exact requirement. Generally speaking, the isolation between the antennas should be at least 10dB to avoid interference. The actual distance will be determined by the consulting results from antenna supplier and also depends on your board size and layout”

Please check section 8 from the Antenna Design Note.

Thanks Saeed, for the Information, ideally what amt of isolation is preferred considering if the cellular modem operates in LTE with the specs above. And also the FPC antenna used from Sixfab, has a distance of 5mm between main and div antennas.



This should be enough, Still we can not confirm the exact distance. I hope you are in contact with the module OEM.