Is macOS supported?

Is the macOS supported. Do I need some special driver or SW?

Hi @anton.vlasaty,

Since the HAT is a bridge between the host computer(RPi in our case) and the mini PCIe module the compatibility depends on the driver availability of the module.

In our case, we are demonstrating all of the tutorials with Raspberry Pi OS(previously known as Raspbian OS) & Quectel’s EC25 mini PCIe module, which supports PPP and QMI .
The Raspberry Pi OS has module recognized in its kernel However, this can be different in other OS.
The module OEM provides a guide to check if the module is recognized or not. Also how to install the driver.

Again, the QMI tutorial, we have provided has installation script only for Raspberry Pi OS only. You will need to follow the guide provided by the module OEM.

Thank you.