IP54 Antenna Placement

I’m putting together an outdoor project enclosure and had some questions regarding antenna placement.
This is my first device and I’ll be traveling to deploy the device when I’m complete.

Will placing the antennas in a manner such as this drastically affect me in a negative way?


Hi @Zabbu,

The fewer obstructions between your antenna and the broadcast towers, the better. And make no mistake–thick surfaces or walls are certainly obstructions. That’s why placing your antenna in a position that can see the sky often yields the best results.

The antenna transmits in an omni-directional signal so should not be blocked on any side.


Thank you @ensar!

What would the recommended placement of the antennas be inside of this enclosure provided by SixFab? Is it possible to purchase antenna with much longer connections to be placed on the outside of this box? or even extensions to leverage the current antennas?