Installation command dont work anymore


The installer does not go as it should.

During the first installation everything was working as expected.
Since then I have reset my raspberry pi (CM4) several times.
Now when i try to install sixfab core module it doesn’t work. I let you check the screenshot.
Can you help me ? (curl is installed on my system)
I use a Telit LE910C4 with sixfab core.

Thank you


Try uninstalling and reinstalling curl and also unplug the USB cable before running the installation code.

Hi @ensar
Thank you for your message.
I have try with the cable plugged and unlugged and it doesn’t work.

The first time i installed the shield i have try with and without the shield and the installer say me that if i use cable then it will use data of sim card. So plugging the cable should’nt be a problem. But i have try with and without.

I’m going to try to reinstall curl.