Inactive SIM card

I noticed on my Connect.Sixfab Dashboard that my SIM is in an Inactive state. Do I have to do anything to make it Active?

Hi @daniel.bruchez ,

You can activate the your SIM in “SIM → My SIMs → Show Details” section


Hopefully it will resolve an error msg I get when I power my Raspberry Pi Cellular IoT Application Shield – LTE-M & NB-IoT & eGPRS. I see this in the syslog–>

Apr 7 13:26:04 raspberrypi4 bash[511]: #033[0;32m2021/04/07->#033[1;34m13:26:04 #033[0m Retrying network registration…
Apr 7 13:26:08 raspberrypi4 bash[511]: #033[0;32m2021/04/07->#033[1;34m13:26:06 #033[0m SIM Status: #033[0;32m2021/04/07->#033[1;34m13:26:07 #033[0m Netwo

Sixfab Core does not support Cellular IoT Application Shield.

Do you know who does support this card?

After activating the SIM, you can follow the PPP tutorial for internet connection.

Hi I had already installed the PPP connection scripts. I’m pretty sure I have decent Cellular, my iphone shows 2 bars of signal and I have a Particle.Electron cellular mico that is able to connect to a LTE tower. I’ve got a ton of syslog data but not sure what most of it means.

Saw note about BG96 having problems with Kernel 5.4.66->5.4.81. Mine was 5.4.79. So I upgraded to the latest 5.10.17 and resolved most errors. I now see a ppp0 interface although I do see an error when running sudo pon