Impossible to reinstall

Good day,

I bought the following product :
and I succesfully installed this

I would like to add a PiJuice board, and as I installed Buster Little, I reinstalled my Rasperry with Buster Desktop.

Since, I can install the sixfab software, but I never can be connected. I reinstalled 4 times, and for the fift time I reinstalled the Buster Little, even even if the installation completed succesfully, I never can be connected.

i really sorry, but I do not have the Raspberry with me, but the error was due dhcp

Note, when yesterday, I installed the kernel

sudo apt-get install raspberrypi-kernel-headers

the version was

ls /usr/src


while previously, the version was


Do see any reason of a DHCP issue with the version 5.4.51?


Hi @Pierrot10,
Fixed the error caused by the kernel(5.4.*). You can use libqmi instead of quectel-CM to establish the QMI interface.

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