Immediate shutdown after bootup

After installing the software, whenever I boot my Raspberry Pi4 it immediately shuts down. I can’t even get it to stay booted long enough to see the desktop. Any ideas?

If it helps, I experienced the same thing (still do) when the battery “safe shutdown level” percentage is set to anything other than 0%. This happens a lot when there is no battery installed, less often with the battery installed and charged but it still happens- even if the adapter power is present. I’m working on trying to reproduce it reliably and I’ll probably submit a bug report on it as well.


I am experiencing this too and thought something was wrong with my shield (I’m still unsure if this is normal behavior). Try pressing S1 button after everything automatically shuts down. This boots the pi back up and keeps it alive.
@ensar Is there a reason the unit does this? Can we keep the pi powered when power is first installed?
Edit: Perhaps it’s only when a battery is not installed? In spite of battery presence, I would still like to know how to change this if possible.

First of all, fully charge the battery before using the battery. The battery indicator led(L2) will be green when the battery is fully charged. If you are not registered in the power portal, register your device and update the firmware. Low battery may have caused the shutdown.

Is a battery required for it to work though? I’m not sure how your response addresses the issue at hand.
If a battery is not inserted, the system will boot up and then seems to power-off by itself, until S1 is pressed.

It does not require batteries, but your power supply/adapter selection is so important. Make sure you power supply enough current(or power) to have a stable UPS HAT running. Also, we recommend working it using a battery. Fully charge the battery before using the battery.

Can you confirm on your device that, without a battery inserted, when power is first supplied to the Pi through the power shield that the Pi boots up and stays booted?

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Yes, we confirm that.

I wonder what is happening then. I am using a 12V (3A) power supply. I thought it was just my unit until I read this post, so I can see other people are getting the same issue.

Edit: This seems to be the same issue: Power management & UPS HAT auto shutdown

I would be more than happy to assist you with any questions or concerns you may have.
Please send an e-mail to and attach/provide the following information to it:

  • The screenshot of the dashboard on the power portal while the system is running. Use a full battery for this.
  • FW & Software version.
  • Hardware setup image or video.
  • Power supply label.

Ok will do, thanks.
What do you mean by Hardware setup image or video?

I mean, an image of RPI, HAT, and power supply working together.

I also notice you want me to use a battery, but as I’ve stated before, I’m trying to do this without a battery (I need a way to power the Pi w/ 12V power supply). That is where the issue arrises.

I got it. The data values ​​on the dashboard before the issue arises, will help us a lot.
Use a full battery so that the HAT does not shut down. Otherwise, the same issue will arise again.