I cannot reach the RPI from remote over TCP using the mobile network

I bought a Raspberry Pi 4G/LTE Cellular Modem Kit and i cant reach the RPI from remote over TCP using the mobile network, here is my current situation:

  1. I’m using a Telit module LE910C1;
  2. The outbound connection over mobile network is working properly;
  3. the firewall of the RPI is deactivated completely
  4. The SIM card has a static public ip address.
  5. The static ip address is reachable from remote, if place in listening a socket by command AT#SKTL, the remote party can connect;
  6. The internal modem’s firewall, configurable by AT#FRWL, is allowing any address to go through with configuration;
  7. When I try to reach the listening socket 8080,8081,8082 or 22 on the RPI, the connection is “RESET” from the remote party;
  8. I captured the traffic using TCPDUMP and RPI, unfortunately connection is not reaching the network layer of the RPI;
  9. I’ve read all the available AT commands from TELIT and I cannot find something useful for the purpose;

I would like to know how to configure the permissions for incoming connections using the mobile network.

Thanks for posting this @ibrahimnassar250.

I’m in the same boat. I want to be able to reach the RPI remotely over the mobile network. I’m getting “host unreachable” when pinging the RPI non-local IP address from outside. From the RPI, I can ping outside no problem. Same with ssh: I get “No route to host” when trying to ssh into RPI remotely using RPI’s mobile network IP address. (I have ssh enable on RPI).

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