How to Retrieve All SIM Usage Data Using Sixfab Asset API


I am currently working with the Sixfab Asset API to fetch SIM usage details using the endpoint described here: Get SIM Usage Records.

Currently, I can retrieve SIM usage data only for the current month. However, I need to access the complete history of usage data. Could anyone advise on how to modify the API request to fetch all SIM usage data, or is there a specific parameter I need to include in my request to access historical data?

Any guidance or examples would be greatly appreciated!

Thank you!


Currently, the API only supports fetching data for the current month. Retrieving complete historical data isn’t possible at this time. We understand the importance of accessing historical usage data and are continually working to enhance our API’s capabilities.

Thanks for your understanding!


What is the expected timeline for this feature to be available?

We can’t provide a specific timeline for when this will be available.