How to plug double jack outdoor LTE antenna?


I’m planning on using an outdoor LTE antenna similar to the Tupavco TP562 ( a Delock 88931 to be specific ) which has two connectors.

On the tupavco site, it is mentionned that a Y-splitter should be used if only one antenna connector is available.

Tupavco says :

Because of this, each signal reaches the receiving antenna through a different path, resulting in more reliable data. The data rate also increases by a factor determined by the number of transmitting and receiving antennas.
Tupavco TP562 antenna is for direct-wired connection to cellular data devices with 2 antenna connectors. Use a Y-splitter to connect both antenna cables to devices with one antenna port.

And @ensar says :

C25 antenna interfaces include a main antenna interface, an Rx-diversity antenna interface which is used to resist the fall of signals caused by high speed movement and multipath effect.

From these informations, it appears that both primary and diversity connectors serve a different purpose, and it is not clear to me if I should :

  • use a Y-splitter on the primary connector to connect the outdoor antenna, and (optionally) another antenna (e.g: any PCB antenna from the store) on the diversity connector ?
  • connect each of the outdoor antenna’s connector to both connectors without the Y-connector ?

Thanks for your time and answers !