How to obtain and interpret signal strength

I would very much like to know…

  • How to get the signal strength (using python similar to how gps data can be obtained)
  • How to interpret the signal strength… (what is considered good / bad quality)

I have tried the approach using the gps example code but i only seem to be getting back gps data when i write to serial ‘AT+CSQ\r’
Should i be using different usb ports maybe?

I’ve managed to get the signal strength (i think) by opening serial connection to ttyUSB3 port and reading the response from the same port, which gave me: +CSQ: 19,99 (no idea what that represents tho)

To get a better understanding I would like to know the difference in writing/reading from various USB ports…
Why must i use ttyUSB2 (write) and ttyUSB1 (read) for GPS while signal strength can be obtained from ttyUSB3 (write/read)
And what happens when there is other hardware connected to USB1 and USB2 ports?

Already figured out ttyUSBx is not related to actual physical ports but just the serial devices generated by the kernel from any USB device that supports any number of serial interfaces.
Which leaves me with just one question remaining:

How does one interpret the value returned? Say on a scale of 1 to 5 bars :slight_smile:

Which module are you using with the Base HAT? If you are using EC25, please refer to the AT commands manual.



I hope it helps.

Thanks alot…
I followed Sending AT Commands upto the point the page mentions “You can find AT commands in the module guide.” at the bottom of the page…
But nowhere could i find any links to the “AT Commands manual” you posted in here…
Perhaps include the link you gave me in the page mentioned above…

Thanks for letting us know about this, we will update it soon. :+1: