How to fix/replace missing S2 and L2 parts from UPSHat v1

So I’ve been playing with the UPS Hat on and off for some time and after looking at several diagrams and reading the forum, I’m realizing that I have a missing LED (L2) and switch (S2) on my Hat. No idea how they went missing wether it was in shipping or something happened on my end on the bench. I don’t remember seeing them before which might be why my experience hasn’t been the best (now that I recognize the missing parts, its easier to work around them).

Anyone have pointers where I can source the S2 and L2 parts so that I can either repair my unit or figure out some method of duplicating the missing components? I figure I’ve been sitting on this thing on my bench for way too long to get it supported or replaced so looking for option three :slight_smile: