How to enable multiple networks (wwan, ethernet and Cellular) using base-hat & EC25

I need to enable my RPI 3+ to support wifi, ethernet and cellular communications at the same time.

I must disable the dhcpd service to allow the quectel.CM script uses udhcpd to lease an IP from my cellular provider. But then the wifi, and ethernet adapters will not work.

I’ve tried to find a good example of how to setup access to multiple IP networks across different adapters but can’t find one.

can anyone point me in the right direction?


Bruce, I know this is kinda old but the fix to your particular issue is going into the dhcpcd.conf file and adding “denyinterface wwan0” at the bottom of it then rebooting and you should be good to go.

If you go ahead and do that it stops the dhcpcd service from trying to issue an IP to the wwan0 interface so you will keep all your services up and running.

Thank you Richard. That does indeed fix my issue exactly. My RPI has a carrier’s IP on wwan0, and dhcp served IPs on eth0 and wlan0. Route table is properly updated.

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Heck yeah! Glad to hear it man!