How to correctly power down the LTE Base Shield? AT+QPOWD doesn't seem to be working

I have been experimenting with the LTE Base Shield, and I’m trying figure out how to shut it down in accordance with instructions.

The AT+QPOWD=1 command is supposed to power down the EC25 modem, however when I issue this command to the shield, it appears (judging by current consumption) to shut down and then immediately turn itself back on.

Has anyone else had this problem, and/or can anyone confirm when after entering the QPOWD command it is reliably safe to power down the module?

Thank you

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Sorry for delaying the reply.

In order to turn off the module, the shield should be able to control the VCC of the module. The Base Shield v2 cannot do that while the VCC can be controlled with the Base HAT (Pulling the GPIO26 HIGH switches off the VCC).

After executing the AT+QPOWD=1, the procedure is as follows: