How to check signal level while connected with PPP?

Hi guys,
I got an IoT HAT yesterday and have it working with my Pi Zero W and the Sixfab Power management HAT. I first of all want to say that the setup scripts were pretty well done and I’m thankful for that! I’m using a data-only SIM from Google Fi and it works (T-Mobile’s LTE network).
I’m wondering if there’s a way that I can get status about the cellular connection while the PPP connection is established. In particular, I’d like to know the signal level (e.g. -50 dB SNR or whatever), and whether I’m connected with LTE or 3G or whatever? It looks like this can be retrieved with AT commands, but I’m not sure how to run them or if I even can while PPP is established. Note that currently I’m using the UART but I may switch to USB later.

Hi Tyrel,

Of course! Type to send AT command to HAT via ttyUSB3:

minicom -D /dev/ttyUSB3 -b 115200

Send the following commands:


AT+QNWINFO: The command indicates network information such as the access technology selected, the operator, and the band selected.
AT+CSQ: AT command returns the signal strength of the device. Response: +CSQ: <rssi>,<ber>

<rssi> - received signal strength indication
0 - (-113) dBm or less
1 - (-111) dBm
2…30 - (-109)dBm…(-53)dBm / 2 dBm per step
31 - (-51)dBm or greater
99 - not known or not detectable