How much time can the Pi run in a power outage?

Hello! I was wondering how much time can the Pi run using the battery? Thanks!

That is a tough question to answer. It is entirely dependent on the battery capacity, the current draw, and even the environment (cold batteries produce less power).

I am running “a lot” on my setup and it draws up to about 12Watts from my wall supply. I don’t expect it to run for more than 30-50 minutes on the single battery, but even that is a guess.

Best you can do is check a data sheet, estimate your current draw, and environment. Should give you an ok estimate.


The thing is I am not sure if its worth buying the module or simply using this solution:

I can’t see to many benefits except the form factor and few others. Essentially using a powerbank could give you 20+ hours usage on battery.

Anyway, thanks for the clarification!

I appreciate your help!

What is your setup? What other hardware/software are you running with the Pi? While I have not personally used the feature, the UPS HAT can work with higher capacities (not using the built in battery holder).

System integration also seems to be good, particularly since (with a little soldering) the UPS HAT will power the LCD screen. I had issues powering it from its own source.

I watched the video on the link you suggested… honestly, that seems like a terribly thought out solution. Quite frankly, why not just plug in the USB power brick, power it, and monitor the voltage for a drop.

I have no skin in this game… That said, the Sixfab is a faaaar better choice in my opinion.