How do I find the "serial speed" to send AT commands for the EG25-G?

I’m using the EG25-G in an Italian-made FoxBox LX800 SMS-Email gateway
(Uses Voyage Linux on a PC Engines ALIC 6 motherboard.)
I’ve found the “console” for the SMS side, but there is no response.

  • The old module was Hua*** , and the console config shows a speed of 115200 bps
  • I’m wondering if the Quectel is a different speed?
    Next question will be how to find the AT Command reference for EG25…
  • First, to check my firmware rev (even though the card is new-to-me last week).

Thank you for any advice you can share.

Hello @zonker1 ,

Did you replace the SIM too?
The SIxfab SIM are data only SIM hence cannot be used for SMS.

The Quectel modules communicate at 115200bps baudrate by default. Aren’t you getting responses to the AT commands?

All the module related AT command reference guides are available in the Technical Documentation tab of the module product page.