How connect RESET_N in EC25-AU on Sixfab board

My EC25-AU lost connections and dont return. The AT-reset command dont work. Then, I want to do hardward Reset by RESET_N pin, but I need know how connect it in SixFab board.

Hi @mario.quilodran ,

Which board do you use?
Use the command AT+CFUN=1,1 to reset the module.

Hi ensar
Thanks for yours response.

We are using: Raspberry Pi 3G/4G-LTE Base HAT

We tried the AT commands but they didn’t work:

  • AT + cfun 1,1: Just answer Ok, but the modem continues without reconnecting
  • AT + cfun 1: just answer Ok
  • AT +cfun 0 then AT+cfun 1: modems drops and then wakes up again but still does not reconnect (messages like CFUN = 1, and others appear)

The only way to reconnect is power off and on again, that’s why I think the hardware reset could work.

What do you think?

OK, that’s a good idea. For this, please try using GPIO26, which controls the power regulator of the HAT. Drive it to HIGH for few seconds and LOW instead of power cycling the RPi.