Hat doesn't power on automatically after shutdown and startup

I conducted a total shutdown with my pi4. When providing power to it and turning it back on the hat doesn’t power on, but only stays in standby mode. During initial configuration I selected Y to auto connect/reconnect on boot.

Symptoms: on total power off and then on the hat doesn’t power on, but stays in standby.

On reboot, hat comes back online fully.

What file / line do I need to modify to enable full power of hat upon powerup of pi?

Hi @hanleynh1,

First, check if the wiring-pi is working correctly.
Simply run:
gpio readall

If it return any error, the issue is with the wiring-pi package.
This can be fixed by

  • cd /tmp
  • wget https://project-downloads.drogon.net/wiringpi-latest.deb
  • sudo dpkg -i wiringpi-latest.deb