GPRS/GPS Tracker Hat - active PPP connection and access to GPS

I just started playing with this hat and while I am able to establish the PPP connection from /dev/ttyS0 using Linux’s pppd, obviously I can’t use /dev/ttyS0 for receiving GPS data since this device is in use by the pppd process.

Is there a way to enable another interface like /dev/ttyUSB0 with this hat to simultaneously use GPRS (3g) and GPS?

Hi David,

First of all there is no USB interface in this HAT, the Serial of the M95(GPRS) is connected to pin 8 & 10 while the L96(GNSS) is connected to pin 13 & 15.
Hence, PPP is established via ttyS0 and to read the GNSS sentences you will need software serial.

You can use the library to write your GNSS script.
You can find sample script also